JM Solution Active Jellyfish Vital Mask
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JM Solution Active Jellyfish Vital Mask 10pc

Who Anit-aging Care (Wrinkles)
Who Elastic energy for Vital care !

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JM Solution Active Jellyfish Vital Mask is the firming mask with Jellyfish texture delivers moisture and nourishment for skin with firmness ! 

Why We Recommend 

  • JM Solution Active Jellyfish Vital Mask contains Jellyfish extract and collagen. It gives vitality and moisture 
  • Ultra light texture & tightening sheet mask can fit your face line firmly to help absorption of the essence 
  • Good for who concerns for dullness and weak skin 

Main Ingredients

  • Jellyfish Extract : Let skin deep moisturizing care and can make soften and smooth out fine lines
  • Collagen, Proteins and Glycoproteins : High amounts of the 3 kinds of ingreIients can make intense and long lasting hydration  
  • Tangy Jelly Essence : Enriched wate jelly essence deliveres fully filled moisturizing sensation 

33ml Mask sheet x 10 sheets

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