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Marisom My Melody Organic Cotton Softcover Sanitary pads_Large 28cm

Good for who looking for Organic Pure Cotton covers safe for sensitive skin
Good for who are experiencing cramps during period
Good for who are suffering from Menstrual pain
Uncomfortable during period time due to your sensitive skin? Use Marisom Pads, 100% Organic Pure Cotton cover and 100% cotton absorbent !
A soft texture and excellent absorbency

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Sanrio Family Edition My Melody Organic Cotton Softcover Sanitary pads!


100% Organic Cotton Cover sanitary pads for your comfortable daily routine ! 

100% Texas Organic Cotton Cover, OCS Certified 

TCF ( Totally Chlorine Free ) : Eco Friendly and Fair for your body and the Earth ! 

Smooth and Even Distribution for Quick Absorption Without Clumping !

Our double guard leak protection and triple absorption layers swiftly and seamlessly absorb menstrual flow without clumping

Gently on the skin, worry-free, and healthy without irritation

Made in Korea


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