Ryo Hair Strengthen & Volume Shampoo
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Ryo Hair Strengthen & Volume Shampoo 550ml

Experimentally proven Voluminous hair care effect !
Youn can get voluminous hair lasting 24 hours
Elastic Lather, Deep cleansing. 

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RYO呂 Korea NO,1, 5 Patented Ingredients, Fermeted Ingredients ! 

 Why we recommend

  • RYO Hair Strenghener Shampoo is a luxurious shampoo to strengthen hair with shine and luster. 
  • 5 Steps to care with only 1 bottle use ! : Step1) Big Voluminous Hiar Step2) Hair Root Strengthening Step3) Elasticity of hair Step4) Nourishing hair and Final step Your Scalp health ! 
  • Non Silicon oil, non Mineral oil

Main Ingredients

  • 14 Plant-Derived : Derived Nutrients_Chestnut bark extract, Black bean extract, Xylitol, Green tea extract, Peony root extract, Ginseng extract, Ginseng water, Rehmannia root extract, Lotus extract, Black rice extract, Madonna Lily Scale extract, Reishi mushroom extract, Donggule rhisome extract, Ginger extract
  • Major ingredients : Ferment bean, Ginseng, Pine needles, Cheon-gung, Camellia oil. Bean ferment in vinegar for 1-2 weeks rich in amino acid giving healthy volume hair.
  • Pine needles extract : Cleansing scalp while ginseng extract gives energy to scalp, camellia oil to give moisture silky hair
  • Oriental Spa Scent  : Aroma and Jasmine  

Size 550ml 


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